The SAFE team is looking for volunteers who are willing to serve as Block Watchers/Block Captains.  The Block Captain Program continues to need expansion throughout our community.  If you have started a Neighborhood Watch on your block or in your area; or if you are interested in starting a Block Watch program for your street, please submit an email to with a subject “LOHOA Block Captain.”

In addition to the Block Captain initiative the SAFE team has begun planning our upcoming National Night Out Event in August.  There will also be city-sponsored workshops leading up to the final NNO Event.  Some of these workshops will be available to all residents.  Stay tuned as we will be announcing them when they are scheduled.  We will also provide you with helpful safety tips that are sent to us from City of Orlando Neighborhood Watch Services.

The Safe Team is also monitoring police reports to determine the crime rate for our community and the types of crime that persists. Hopefully, this information will guide us in steps that need to be taken to keep you informed of targeted prevention and will help us in communicating with OPD about the needs of our community.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in assisting with any of our initiatives, such as Block Captain, NNO 2015 or on-going crime prevention communication by contacting Lethesa Reliford at (407) 936-4654. Please note, the Safe Team is also responsible for the newly-erected Neighborhood Watch signs around the community.

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