Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team continues to focus on a beautiful and trash-free community, lake pollution, road-way maintenance and other areas. A clean-up/spruce-up project was held on December 6, 2014. Plans for planting trees in the 18th Green Villas community were postponed; however; our landscaping/beautification volunteers met in areas for trimming, manicuring and cleaning right-of-ways and sidewalks throughout Rosemont where needed. Volunteers fanned out to Rosamond, Cinderlane and Lake Breeze to pull weeds and clean areas along the fence line of the golf course. This project was completed with the annual holiday decorations for main entrances.

Although this project was announced via e-mail blast and on our website, we did not have the turn out as expected. We had many residents that stopped by to give verbal support and one that actually gave a hand with collecting bags of debris and trash from the clean-up. To make it easier for residents to schedule, we will be holding a Rosemont Clean-Up on the first Saturday of every month starting in February. Please give a helping hand to this initiative. If you would like to become involved in the planning of these initiatives please contact Rick at (407) 299-2310.

As a reminder signs advertising businesses are not allowed along the right-of-ways around communities. These signs are against City and County codes. They will be collected and in many cases a fine is imposed.

Members of the Infrastructure Team continue to engage in conversations with Commissioner Stuart regarding landscaping under the John Young Parkway/OBT overpass. I plan is being reviewed by the City and should be approved in 2015. In addition, issues regarding the upkeep of right-of-ways along OBT (between John Young Parkway and Clarcona/Ocoee Road) are on-going and we are constantly contacting City and County Officials regarding our concerns about unkempt drainage ditches, sidewalk and curbside areas.

We are still finding trash bags and other debris along Rosamond, Lake Orlando Parkway (mainly around Rosemont Preserve) and Rosewood Way (around the Lynx Bus Stop. The Rosemont Clean-Up Kids were mainly available during the summer to help with trash pick-up. A few of our residents are continuing to pick up trash. We are in the process of identifying ways to keep our streets clean throughout Rosemont. To volunteer for planning on this team, contact Rick at (407) 299-2310.

Other current and ongoing initiatives are:

  • LOHOA obtained landscapers to prune the Washingtonian palm trees on Cinderlane which is one of the main entrances in to Rosemont.
  • Dave Vacha continues to voluntarily pick up trash and prune common area hedges and trees throughout the community.  We appreciate these voluntary services coming from Dave and he is a great asset to our association and community.  If you see him out working, feel free to stop and give him a hand!
  • Upcoming Spring Clean-up will be based at the Lake Orlando Boat Ramp at 8:30am on April 26th.  This is a perfect opportunity to volunteer your time for the betterment of the community you live in.
  • We are conversing with the City of Orlando Storm Drainage and Water Department and City/County officials regarding the status of Lake Orlando pollution and the monitoring schedule.  In addition, we are inquiring about the drainage in retention ponds and ditches throughout the community, along the Orange Blossom Trail corridor, and along Rosamond (another main entrance to our community).
  • City of Orlando Code Enforcement Department is actively engaged in citing violators within residential, multifamily areas, and within business/shopping areas.  Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you notice a violation (407-246-4444).

If you have any questions or concerns before joining, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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